2.8kW Grid Tie
“I monitor our system nearly every day and it has outperformed my expectations. Even with all the snow we received in December and January, we are “net positive”, currently producing more than we are using. I couldn’t be more happy with the installation.”
~ Scott C.
7.68 kW Grid Tie
“Brightside Solar provided a worry-free installation. They handled all the subcontracting and coordination with the local utility. The project was managed with the utmost of professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency.”
~ Damaris Ciara, Homeowner
5.4kW Off Grid
“The Brightside Solar team was able to help us get up and going with solar at our remote hunting camp, that previously just ran on a generator. After watching the installation, I’m sure glad I went with these guys. The amount of time and required detail for a proper solar array and battery system was much more than I would have guessed, and more than I would have liked to have dealt with. Brightside solar has also been very accessible for follow-up as we learn to work with the system.”
~ Beau Bayer, Chemical Weed Control – ROW
“Ed and Pegge Warwick highly recommend Bright Side Solar and Matt Piva. We are totally off the grid with solar electricity and a generator backup. Matt answers phone calls and emails promptly, and sometimes can give us information by phone, which saves a service call.
Brightside always comes ASAP when we call with an issue, and are always friendly and courteous. They are extremely knowledgeable; they know their stuff, and are up to date on current information about batteries, and our solar electric system.
When they come, they are very thorough, and proactive when they see potential problems.Matt explains things very clearly, and has helped us tremendously with our own skills in maintaining the system.
Thanks Matt and Brightside Solar for excellent service!”
~ Ed and Pegge Warwick
6.4kW Grid Tie
“The Schwartzes of Steamboat Springs could not be more pleased with the recent 6.7 kwh solar array installation completed by Mr. Matt Piva and Brightside Solar. Our situation was a little different than some because we already had a 3.26 kwh solar system and we wanted to add additional capacity to reach or exceed net zero for our electrical usage. Brightside Solar came up with an excellent solution for adding more capacity in an efficient manner. Brightside installed 21 panels of Sunmodule SW 320 solar panels in a standalone array in our back side yard with a separate inverter that does not affect the initial solar system with its own inverter. The new system is anchored in concrete and engineered to withstand the strong wind and snow loads that occur in our area. Throughout the design and installation process, Mr. Matt Piva provided outstanding customer service, carefully explaining and documenting his proposals, working efficiently through the county planning department and permit processes, and keeping us fully informed of progress at every step of the way. In addition to designing and installing the new solar array, Mr. Piva also examined our existing Unisolar thin film array on our roof to determine if it was meeting its capacity. He identified some problems, implemented solutions, and we are now producing electricity at the optimum capacity of both systems. We strongly recommend Brightside Solar for your solar requirements in northwest Colorado and would be happy to provide additional information about our experience with Brightside Solar to those interested in adding solar solutions to their home or business.”
~ The Schwartzes