Benefits of Solar


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Solar Electricity for Your Residence

With the cost of electricity escalating and with a climate crisis hovering near, there is no better time to make an investment in solar electric panels for your home.

Adding Value

Searching for a sound, low risk investment, with an ever increasing rate of return? A solar energy system on your home is not an expense; it is an investment. As a value added amenity to your property, your investment is insured automatically against loss. Additionally, the value of your return on investment will increase as electricity rates increase. Adding solar to a residence can ultimately increase the sell-ability of a home. A wise investment is the house that has low and stable utility bills – and eventually – a positive cash flow.*

Solar home Circle Money*U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory April 2011 study found that solar homes with an average system size of 3.1 kW sold for approximately $17,000 or 5,500/kW more than¬†non-solar homes.

Improved Reliability and Availability

Solar panels silently convert light from the sun into electricity. Photovoltaic solar systems have no moving parts, require little maintenance, and are designed to last for many years. Most solar panel manufactures, now offer a 25-year performance warranty, and inverters come with a 10 or 15-year warranty. The basic components of a solar system have no moving parts and little down time. Supply and demand has helped push down the price on many component parts, making Solar a truly viable financial option.


Solar energy is no longer a fringe technology. Solar electric systems provide a sustainable source of clean energy. By installing a PV system you will significantly reduce the carbon emissions caused by burning fossil fuels. Each kilowatt of power that comes from a solar system instead of a coal plant is just over 2 pounds of carbon saved from escaping into the atmosphere. By going solar, you will help combat global warming while reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Lastly, your investment will also support local job growth in the domestic renewable energy industry.

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Avoiding increasing Utility rates

Electrical costs from YVEA have remained static for almost 20 years. To think that those costs will continue to remain well below the national average is unrealistic. When the price of electricity in the Yampa valley does start to move, having taken a proactive stance can mitigate the hardship of rising Utility costs. By installing a solar electric system individuals can fix their electrical costs for the next 25 or 30 years. The compounding of future increases in electrical rates makes going solar a financially responsible investment for many homes and businesses.

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